My students—both current and previous ones—are my inspiration for teaching.

What pleases me more than anything is seeing them progress in their lives in French, as well as in their understanding of my native language. For me, it is not just about teaching a two-month course–it is about helping them succeed here in France.

Let me introduce you to one of them:


Natalia, analyst

Natalia Bol was born in Moscow, Russia. She now lives with her family in Fontainebleau where she works as an analyst.
Learning French because :
« Because I live and work in France, I wanted to speak the local language. »

Experience with « French in Fontainebleau » :

« I really like the way Catherine teaches. She is extremely patient—very diplomatic—and dealing with all sorts of people is not very easy. She really understands foreigners, how to adjust to them and make them understand. She’s very hard-working, but she expects the student to work, too. There is no magic—if you want to get the result, you work for it. She is extremely pleased when her students work hard. »

French In Fontainebleau

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