My students—both current and previous ones—are my inspiration for teaching.

What pleases me more than anything is seeing them progress in their lives in French, as well as in their understanding of my native language. For me, it is not just about teaching a two-month course–it is about helping them succeed here in France.

Let me introduce you to one of them:


Maureen, journalist

Maureen Jenkins was born in Chicago, Illinois (USA). A Travel-and-Food journalist and a consultant, she has lived in Samois, very close to Fontainebleau, for one year.

Learning French because
« I want to feel more like a local resident rather than a tourist—and because I want to truly understand what I’m hearing around me, whether on the radio, the train, or out and about in France. »

Experience with « French in Fontainebleau » :

« I’ve taken several group and private French classes over the years in Chicago and Seattle, but the individual lessons I’ve taken with Catherine have been the most practical and useful by far. She specifically tailors my 90-minute class sessions and homework to accommodate my need for learning « office French, » for helping me navigate my mandatory immigration medical exams, and my professional interest in French cuisine and restaurants. Besides all this, Catherine is a joy—so encouraging and supportive. I’d TRULY be lost here in France without her and these classes ! »

French In Fontainebleau

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