Collective classes

Most of my students choose to study in a collective, or group, class. This setting is stimulating and fun, and an efficient way to learn French. My groups are small (usually three to four students, but never more than six) and flexible. Classes usually remain consistent, with the same students for a few months at least—and your classmates often become your first friends in town. However, if students’ goals or personal schedules change, I adjust and rearrange groups to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

For students at the beginner or intermediate level (levels A1, A2, B1, B2), I usually schedule two collective classes per week. Each session generally lasts two hours. If you feel the need for more weekly practice, we can complement your training with a communication workshop or an individual lesson.

As students progress in their knowledge (levels C1, C2), I generally recommend one class per week. I realize that most students don’t have unlimited time—or unlimited budgets. As they advance in French, they are able to learn more independently, although I continue to offer them guidance and feedback.

I ensure that each group achieves specific goals by using very structured classwork that equally develops four critical skills : speaking, listening, reading, and writing. As you learn new bits of grammar, conjugation and vocabulary week after week in class, you build your comprehension through solid and balanced weekly homework. I also regularly propose to students optional extracurricular activities—which take place en français, of course !—in the Fontainebleau area.

Collective classes usually take place Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm, but evening classes are also possible for students not available during the day.


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