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Tailor-made soutions

I offer a small structure, allowing me to provide tailor-made solutions to your French-language learning goals and give you the personal attention you need. I have been where you are—and it is my job to help make your transition from expatriate to « resident » smoother.

Several hundred students from levels A1 through C2

After completing my training as a French teacher (FLE), I taught first in Maryland. Upon moving to Fontainebleau-Avon, I began teaching French in 2004. My students include :

  • employees and executives of French and multinational companies including Schlumberger, Geovariances, Eurocontrol and Barclays ;
  • INSEAD professors and their spouses, MBA students and their partners ;
  • parents of students at the international schools in Fontainebleau ;
  • journalists, teachers, and au pairs

– all people who need to use French in their everyday lives.

These clients and students come from different countries around the world—and many are non-English speakers. Throughout the years, I have taught French to several hundred people from levels A1 through C2.

I know what it takes to adjust to a foreign country

Originally from the south of France, I have lived the life of an expatriate. I spent two years in Nepal, where I did research work in Forestry, and then much later spent six years living in the United States with my husband and three children. I know what it takes to adjust to a foreign country and to build a new life step by step.

I also have experienced firsthand the challenges of learning the language spoken in a new land (in my case, America)—and the positive difference it makes in your life. In the process, I became a fluent English speaker and embarked upon a brand-new career.

From Applied Ecology to French teaching

My husband’s work took us to the U.S. state of Maryland—a move that I did not initially embrace. In France, I was a Forestry and Environment engineer with a Ph.D. in Applied Ecology and enjoyed my work for the French government. But the challenge of relocating to America prompted me to re-evaluate my life and to pursue what I like best : the French language and teaching. This allowed me to create my « French in Fontainebleau » business and build work – and a life – that fits me like a glove.


French In Fontainebleau

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